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Vendors who wish to accept EBT tokens need to fill out the EBT agreement and return it to Central Rivers Farmshed, P.O. Box 1023
Stevens Point, WI 5448

Click here and download a PDF file of the EBT  agreement contract    files/EBT Agreement 2012.pdf

Choose Fresh!  Use your EBT card at the Stevens Point Farmers Market and buy the best foods produced right here in Central Wisconsin.

The Central Rivers Farmshed is happy to provide an EBT machine at the Stevens Point Farmers Market that enables all our residents to purchase foods from their local producers.  At the market, you'll find the season's best bounty of fruits, flowers, meats, vegetables, and other specialty products.  It is also a great community gathering space and place to meet your farmer and learn how your food is produced.  Purchasing locally grown, seasonal foods benefits the economy, environment, and our very well-being.  So this year, taste the seasons, develop a relationship with your area producers, and take part in supporting yourself, our community, our farmers, and our region. 

Here's how:
  • Farmshed has a tent at the market with signage about EBT, information about local foods, resources about growing, preserving, and cooking food, and a schedule of workshops in the area demonstrating these topics.
  • The tent has a wireless card reader that allows you to swipe your FoodShare card.  After requesting a specific amount of funds from your account, a volunteer will give you $1 tokens to use with accepting vendors.
  • Look for vendors who have an EBT sign posted on their tent.  
  • You can exchange tokens with those vendors for eligible food items.  
  • Any extra tokens can be brought back to the tent for refund or kept for use at the market all season long. 
Items you CAN purchase:
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Dairy
  • Meat, poulty, fish, and eggs
  • Bread, cereals, and packaged pastries
  • Jam, syrups, oils, and honey
  • Coffee beans, rice, grains, and dried beans
  • Pickled items
  • Cold wrapped and packaged edibles
  • Seeds or plants that produce food (example: kale, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, etc.)
Didn't know you could purchase food producing plants and seeds?  Find out more at Snap Gardens (!

Items you CANNOT purchase:
  • Flowers, shrubs, or cut flowers
  • Decorative plants, non-edible plants, or fall ornamentals (example: gourds)
  • Non-food items (example: soaps, paper products, crafts, etc.)
  • Hot or cold immediately consumable foods
  • Pet food
  • Fountain drinks and hot or cold beverages including prepared coffee and tea

This program is brought to you by The Central Rivers Farmshed.  Farmshed helps markets across Central Wisconsin accept EBT.  To find out where else you can Choose Fresh, visit  


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Farmers Market EBT Program

EBT_logoSince the pilot year in 2007, the Farmers' Market EBT Program has allowed customers to swipe their EBT (electronic benefit transfer) food stamp, credit, or debit card on a wireless transaction machine at  Farmers' Markets throughout the United States.

The program's benefits are numerous.  It allows everyone who attends the markets to access locally-grown food; it benefits the vendors by increasing their sales; and it benefits the local economy by keeping federal dollars from the Food Stamp EBT program within your community.  Before the program was initiated, people who used food stamp benefits did not have the choice of shopping at the markets (because vendors could not swipe their cards) and people who forgot cash were out of luck or had to go to an ATM off-site.  Now, everyone has the option of purchasing food from the farmers' market and supporting local producers!



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Contact Information

Stevens Point Farmers Market Association,  Care of Dan Mielke, 2550 County Road II, Rudolph, WI 54475 

(Email:   Phone:  715-344-4104)

This website is paid for and published as public courtesy by Dan Mielke, Market manager and vendor.